About Us



Our business has been around since 1960 and is a third generation business.  We specialize in all make s and models of vehicles and also do some restoration of old cars.

Speedy Paint & Body has built an impressive portfolio containing past experiences pertaining to Collision Repairs and Refinishing of vehicles in the Lethbridge area.

We feel that our business is much more than a simple auto body repair shop. We view ourselves as a part of the local Lethbridge economy as a whole. We believe that it is this home town attitude is the key to our success as the years have gone by. Our dedication to affordable prices is our way of giving back to the fantastic Lethbridge, Alberta community we all share, cherish, and love.

You can count on the utmost care and concern from our professionally trained staff and technicians. When we accept a repair job, it isn’t just a simple source of work. For us, it’s a commitment to excellence, an unwritten contract to the customer and their family.

Auto body repair must be done correctly if restored vehicles are to be safe and secure. Speedy Paint & Body is committed to ensuring the well being of your family and loved ones while on the road.


Speedy Paint & Body is an established company in the Lethbridge region, specializing in Collision Repairs for every make and model.  Our staff members have been trained in all areas pertaining to Car Repairs and Retouching.  At Speedy Paint & Body we work very hard to maintain our positive reputation in the Lethbridge area.